Now Open!

Loco Larry's Liquidation is now open at the South end of the Jackson Heights Shopping Center in Murfreesboro - just behinds TOOT's Restaurant and next door to Premier 6 Movie Theater.

Our liquidation concept is simple and a different than most of the liquidation stores out there.  We bring in truckloads of overstock, closeout, and shelf pull merchandise that we offer to the public at one price.  While the starting price may vary from load to load, we typically start at $6 and work our way down to a dollar or less and then start the whole process over again.  Most of the merchandise that we get is simply merchandise that the retailer may be overstocked on.  We also get shelf pulls from store resets, merchandise that didn't sell at a higher price, packaging that may be less than perfect, refused e-commerce shipments, etc.  You never know what we might have from load to load - household goods, pet supplies, clothes, tools, coffee & food, toys, glassware, office supplies, books, etc.  While we don't promise an iPad or laptop for $6, you can get some amazing deals.  Item values can range from less than a dollar to well into the hundreds of dollars for the merchandise we carry.

Be sure to check back with us as we continue to update our website.  We also encourage you to visit our Facebook page for the latest updates, pricing, and photos.